What is Jewish Hospice?

Due to the innovative and groundbreaking work of Jewish Hospice & Chaplaincy Network, every hospice program in Southeast Michigan is, in effect, a Jewish hospice. Nursing homes, hospitals, home care agencies and hospices offer a dizzying array of choices to overwhelmed families at a difficult time in their lives. The Jewish community chose not to compete with these excellent programs. Instead, it created a network of services to provide spiritual care, social work, volunteer programs, health care advice, oversight and guidance to support patients and their families in every local healthcare and hospice agency or facility. All of our services are designed by the Jewish community for our community, and are provided free of charge. Jewish families can be certain that no matter which healthcare system they are part of, Jewish Hospice & Chaplaincy Network will be there to help.

You Are Not Alone. We Are Here to Help.

The Jewish Hospice & Chaplaincy Network was created by the Jewish community to make every day a precious gift for our patients and their families. We strive to ensure no Jew is in pain, no family is suffering, and no Jew is ever alone.

We are experienced and compassionate professionals who know the health care system, the community, and where to find available services. When you call on us, we will help guide and advocate for you and your loved ones.

Our services are patient and family directed. We are here to meet your needs on your terms.

These services are provided at no cost to you and your family. They are provided through generous contributions from members of our community.

We are here to embrace and empower you during this challenging time.

“All Jews are responsible for one another”

The Jewish Hospice & Chaplaincy Network’s services are provided at no cost to all of our patients and their families. These services are available thanks to the generosity of members of the Jewish community and foundations who support JHCN through:

  • Tributes
  • Memorials
  • Legacy Gifts
  • General Contributions
  • and Every Day Is A Gift.*

* This giving opportunity supports one full day of JHCN services.