no Jewish family
is ever alone
when facing terminal illness.


We bring together the hospice, health care and social service communities to meet the medical, cultural and spiritual needs of you and your family.

JHCN Services


No Jew Is Ever Alone
The Jewish Hospice & Chaplaincy Network works with all area hospices, medical care providers and senior living facilities to offer supportive care, and add the Jewish component to palliative and hospice care. Every family facing serious illness has its own unique needs, and we want to be of service to you on your terms. We are a group of experienced professionals working on behalf of the Jewish community to ensure you and your family are not alone. At any stage of illness, whether you are in a hospital, a health care facility, or wherever you call home, our compassionate team is prepared to help you and your family with these services:


  • Spiritual Care: Spirituality is not limited to religion. Rabbis educated and experienced in the care of the sick provide a supportive presence to all Jews, regardless of their level of observance or affiliation. If the patient wishes, JHCN also works with the patient’s own rabbi to provide this specialized care.


  • Patient Advocacy: Patients and families facing serious illness can often be overwhelmed. We are available to help navigate the complexities of your care, and to advocate on your behalf when appropriate.


  • LifeLinks: The LifeLinks program is designed to ensure every family confronting illness has access to the comprehensive resources of the Jewish community. Our licensed social workers will help identify and connect you to other community partners.


  • Volunteer Services: In collaboration with Jewish Family Service, we can provide specially trained and dedicated Jewish volunteers. These caring individuals complement the professional care rendered by your health care provider and extend the Jewish presence.


  • Medical Ethics: Upon request, JHCN can help you make informed choices about end-of-life issues, including hydration, respiration, tube feedings, therapy withdrawal and pain control. These options can be weighed from medical and Jewish perspectives and Halachah (Jewish law). Supportive Care: JHCN provides various services for those who are frail, elderly, or isolated with chronic medical issues.


  • Supportive Care:  JHCN provides social work, chaplaincy and volunteer support for those who are frail, elderly, or isolated with chronic medical issues.


  • Palliative Care: We support palliative care patients. Palliative care is a treatment plan for those who opt out of or do not qualify for hospice care, but seek similar benefits of pain control, symptom management, spiritual/ emotional support, and quality of life.



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