Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the The Jewish Hospice & Chaplaincy Network’s (JHCN) mission?
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A. The Jewish Hospice and Chaplaincy Network is a non-profit organization dedicated to ensuring no Jew is ever alone when facing chronic, serious or terminal illness. JHCN partners with hospices, hospitals and health care agencies to provide patient advocacy and support services to meet the cultural and spiritual needs of Jewish patients, families and caregivers.


Q. Is JHCN a hospice?
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A. No, JHCN is not a clinical or medical provider. We provide a Jewish presence for those who are facing chronic, serious or terminal illness and their families. JHCN does not compete with other healthcare or hospice providers; rather we develop relationships to ensure patients and their loved ones receive the best care possible wherever they choose services or treatment. We advocate for patients, family members and caregivers.


Q. Must a patient be Jewish to qualify for services?
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A. Anyone who identifies as a Jew, regardless of their affiliation or level of observance, or anyone who is not Jewish but is a member of a Jewish family is eligible. Anyone may call JHCN for information, education, and access to community resources, referral, or direct assistance for their Jewish client or friend.


Q. Who is eligible for JHCN services?
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A. There are three categories of eligibility:

  • Supportive care – for those who are frail, elderly, or isolated with chronic medical issues
  • Palliative care – for those with serious illness in need of symptom management. This includes patients who are pursuing curative treatment and those who are at the end of life, but may elect not to use a hospice program.
  • Hospice care

    Q. Where does JHCN provide services?
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    A. JHCN provides services wherever the patient is, i.e. in the patient’s home, hospital, assisted living facility, nursing home or in-patient hospice unit.


    Q. Who can make referrals to JHCN?
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    A. Referral sources include service providers or any person who wants to help a Jewish individual or family coping with frailty, isolation, serious or terminal illness.


    Q. When should someone call JHCN?
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  • When any hospice enrolls a patient who identifies as a Jew
  • When a patient has an irreversible medical condition or life-limiting illness
  • When patients and loved ones feel conflicted about decisions
  • When information about community resources is needed
  • When an individual or service provider can benefit from general information, in-service education, ongoing training or access to Jewish community resources
  • When a knowledgeable Jewish person or volunteer is needed and can provide a Jewish presence that brings additional comfort to a patient or family.

    Q. Do JHCN rabbis receive special training?
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  • All JHCN rabbis are ordained by a recognized seminary
  • JHCN requires its rabbis complete an extensive Clinical Pastoral Education program
  • Rabbis must complete a certification program in hospice and palliative care which includes compliance, documentation requirements and HIPPA regulations
  • Rabbis are trained and accredited as chaplains, enabling them to serve as contingent staff for hospices, hospitals and nursing homes in southeast Michigan

    Q. What services does JHCN offer community professionals?
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    A. JHCN provides information, referral, education and in-service training on end-of-life care and the Jewish perspective on end-of-life care. This includes Jewish views on hospice and palliative care, medical ethics, medical decisions and the full range of religious rituals and customs. JHCN makes it significantly easier for healthcare and social service professionals to provide sensitive, quality service to their Jewish patients and families. JHCN also provides specialized training to caregivers of Shoah survivors.


    Q. Who are JHCN’s partners?
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    A. JHCN partners include southeast Michigan hospices, hospitals, assisted living facilities, nursing homes, older adult communities, community and Jewish health and social service agencies, area synagogues and funeral homes.

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