Music Enrichment

Music is the universal language. It provides stimulation and connection, decreases anxiety and agitation while increasing alertness and orientation. Music brings tremendous joy, comfort and peace to individuals facing terminal illness and reduces the stress of caregivers. It also helps patients and families recall special memories of times shared with loved ones.

Music can regulate breathing, reduce restlessness and profoundly touch the depths of the soul. Musical memory is stored in several areas throughout the brain, making melodies and lyrics easier to access for people living with dementia. Music is especially meaningful at end of life since hearing is the last sense to remain.

JHCN provides interactive one-on-one sessions with musicians, in person or virtually, allowing patients to select the music, customizing the enrichment to their preference.



Current Music Funds

Burton A. Zipser and Sandra A. Zipser Foundation Music Performance Fund
Carole Jo Lasser Music Fund
Cathy Brody Deutchman Jewish Music Fund in honor of her mother Rhea Brody
Debbie and Jerry Glassman Music Enhancement Fund

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