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is ever alone
when facing terminal illness.


We bring together the hospice, health care and social service communities to meet the medical, cultural and spiritual needs of you and your family.


Carole’s Enduring Legacy

Carole Lasser, of blessed memory, was an extraordinary mother, sister, daughter, grandmother and a JHCN palliative care and hospice patient. Carole wanted to leave a legacy of vibrant images for her family to remember her by and welcomed portrait photographer Monni Must to document these memorable moments and writer Sabrina Must to compose the narrative. The relationship Carole shared with her family and Rabbi Joseph H. Krakoff was profound for all involved. Carole valued JHCN’s comprehensive hospice care and the ability it gave her to face her fragility, enabling her to find courage, and ultimately, peace.


One of Carole’s final wishes was for members of our Jewish community to understand the value of The Jewish Hospice & Chaplaincy Network and contribute
to its mission, while giving Jews facing terminal illness the courage to help their loved ones make Every Day A Gift.


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