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They Need Us. We Need You.

More than 300 individuals and 1,000 family members
who are dealing with dementia at end of life depend on JHCN.

As their needs continue to grow, so must JHCN’s help.

This year, we are committed to dramatically increasing outreach in the following ways:
• Add LMSW, Leslie Katz, whose role includes ensuring families impacted by dementia get the social work care they deserve
• Provide access to much-needed community resources
• Expand Life Enrichment visits tailored to engage individuals with dementia through art, Movement on the Mind, music, reflexology and much more

Join the Grand Circle of Women with a donation of $1,000 or more.

This brief video highlights the impact that your gift will have.
It says more than we ever could.

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As you may know, I lost my husband, John, in the summer of 2020. Dementia complicated and compromised his other health issues, and he lost his battle to live a full and healthy life. We were fortunate to share 49 great years together! During the last 15 months of his illness, Jewish Hospice was by my side, every day, helping John (and me) enjoy a better quality of life. And for the first time, John and our family were on the receiving side of services from our amazing Jewish community. After many, many years of community leadership inspired by John’s desire to help others, he was now being helped, with spiritual support, art and music enrichments, pet visits, and more. Please know how personally grateful I am to you for supporting JHCN in the past.

You are helping so many families whose loved ones are nearing the end of their life and struggle each day with dementia and other neurological disorders.  Last year, I joined the Grand Circle of Women to help support JHCN and the men and women suffering like John did. You should have recently received information about the Grand Circle in your mailbox and this note is a gentle reminder to consider joining this special group before year end.

Gilda Jacobs

For an independent strong capable woman, my mother arrived at a place where she needed strong capable people as her support system.  JHCN provided that help when family no longer had the skills to provide all she needed both physically and emotionally. A Holocaust survivor and two time cancer survivor who always rose to the
challenges she had before her, she could not fight off the effects that Alzheimer’s created. 
As she became physically compromised, we called in JHCN to care for her declining health and the consequences of her severely impaired memory. Her dementia created impediments to normal treatment, but JHCN was able to care for her and for our family needs. While their staff, information, and compassion enabled us to better meet the end of life challenges for which we were previously not prepared, dementia introduced a complication that made it so much more difficult.  

As a JHCN board member I am acutely aware of the need to create Dimensions. There is so much more to learn and so much more we can do. I hope you will join me through Grand Circle of Women membership so that we can give the gift of peace, dignity, and acceptance to others that my family received years ago.

Zina Kramer

Dimensions Advocacy Board

Gayle Burstein, Chair • Lauren Bean • Dana Burnstein • Barbara Cohn
Joanne Danto • Cathy Deutchman • Norma Dorman • Shaindy Freedman • Tavi Fulkerson
Nancy Grosfeld • Linda Hayman • Deborah Shayne Horowitz • Gilda Jacobs
Sue Kaufman • Zina Kramer • Cheryl LaKritz • Andrea Laker • Susan Lewis
Sandra Matz • Joy Nachman • Janet Pont • Barbara Roden • Phyllis Schwartz
• Elaine Serling • Jeannie Weiner • Andi Wolfe

About the Grand Circle of Women

The Grand Circle is comprised of women committed to JHCN’s mission of ensuring no Jew is ever alone at end of life through annual contributions of $1,000 or more. The Grand Circle of Women enables JHCN to provide compassionate care to more than 500 terminally ill people and their families each year.

For more information about the Grand Circle of Women, please contact Megan Topper at 248-592-3969 or mtopper@jewishhospice.org

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