Origins of the Grand Circle of Women

Grand Circle of Women Founded in 2013

Founded by Andi Wolfe and chaired by Dana Burnstein, the Grand Circle is an affinity group of women who are committed to JHCN’s mission of ensuring no Jew is ever alone at end of life through annual contributions of $1,000 or more. The Grand Circle of Women enables JHCN to provide compassionate care to more than 550 terminally ill people and their families each year.

In March 2013, nearly 600 members of our community gathered for an inaugural event, a screening of the Judith Burdick-produced documentary “Transforming Loss”. In May 2014, GCOW once again hosted a sold-out educational event for the community, this time featuring award-winning producer Keith Famie’s “The Embrace of Aging, the female perspective on growing old”.

In its nearly 10-year history, the Grand Circle has engaged hundreds of women and raised vital funds toward the care of JHCN’s patients, including a special focus on those suffering with dementia at end life. The group continues to hold member-only events and meetings promoting relevant issues.

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