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is ever alone
when facing terminal illness.


We bring together the hospice, health care and social service communities to meet the medical, cultural and spiritual needs of you and your family.


Rabbi David Nelson

Photo of Rabbi David Nelson

Biographical Info

Rabbi David Nelson joined the JHCN staff in 2006 after retiring from his pulpit position at Beth Shalom Synagogue in Oak Park. He received his Rabbinic Ordination from Jewish Theological Seminary in 1967. Rabbi Nelson became involved in hospice care because he felt that one of the most satisfying parts of his rabbinate was the mitzvah of Bikkur Cholim (visiting the sick). Rabbi Nelson serves on the Michigan Executive Clemency Advisory Council to which he was appointed to by Governor Granholm in 2006.


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Officers and Board of Directors

  • David Techner – President / Chairman of the Board
  • Rabbi E.B. Freedman – Vice President
  • Zina Kramer – Secretary
  • Dana Burnstein
  • Carolyn Cassin
  • Gail Danto
  • Howard J. Gourwitz
  • Nancy Grosfeld
  • Joel Jacob
  • Martin Laker
  • Susan Lewis
  • Robert Nusbaum
  • Spencer Partrich
  • Mickey Shapiro
  • Rabbi Levi Shemtov
  • Nosson Stoll
  • Steven Weisberg
  • Larry Wolfe
  • Alan Zekelman


  • Scott Kaufman – CEO of Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Detroit
  • Perry Ohren  – Executive Director, Jewish Family Service
  • Rabbi Steven Rubenstein – President, Michigan Board of Rabbis

Community Advisory Board

  • Jeanne Aichele
  • Stephanie Appel
  • Marilyn Begle
  • Elaine Beresh
  • Mandell Berman
  • Risa Berris
  • Penny Blumenstein
  • Leslie Bricker, M.D.
  • Dana S. Buick, M.D.
  • Robert Cahill
  • Annette Carron, D.O.
  • Sandy Danto
  • Dottie Deremo
  • Marc Dunn, M.D.
  • Leo Eisenberg
  • Gail Elliott Patricolo
  • Pam Feinberg Rivkin
  • John Finn, M.D.
  • Renee Gruskin
  • Rabbi Shmuel Irons
  • Marsha Kamin
  • Herb Kaufman
  • Patricia Koval
  • Denise Lalka
  • Lindsay Leder
  • Rabbi Harold Loss
  • Henry Maicki, M.D.
  • Michael Maddens, M.D.
  • Jeff Margolis, M.D.
  • David McAree, M.D.
  • Michael Miller
  • Patrick Miller
  • Kathleen Murphy, M.D.
  • Peg Nelson
  • Kathleen Olsen, C.N.P.
  • Michael Paletta, M.D.
  • Rabbi Elliot Pachter
  • Gela Pala, M.D.
  • John Pizzuti
  • Teri Sahn-Silver
  • Carla Schwartz
  • Phyllis Schwartz
  • Charles Silow, Ph.D.
  • Michael Stellini, M.D.
  • Diana Stover​
  • Annemarie Switchulis, R.N.
  • Rabbi Daniel Syme
  • Bonnie Topper-Bricker,R.N.
  • Lynn Torossian
  • Rita Winer, R.N.
  • Andi Wolfe
  • Rabbi Paul Yedwab
  • Rabbi Herbert Yoskowitz
  • Robert Zalenski, M.D.​​

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